Foam 3h: Karolina Wojtas We can't live – without each other, 2022 © Foam. Photo: Christian van der Kooy

Florentine Riem Vis Grant

The Florentine Riem Vis Grant was established in memory of Florentine Riem Vis (1959-2016) with the goal of supporting upcoming photographic talents in the development of their artistic careers. 

Award prize

  • grant sum of €10,000

  • solo exhibition at Foam 3h

About the grant

Florentine Riem Vis had close affiliations with several cultural institutions and in particular with Foam. She was especially interested in helping people develop their artistic talent. For this grant, Foam scouts worldwide for talented artists with a clear signature and style that is relevant to the contemporary artistic discourse. The artist can work in all photographic genres, including multimedia and interdisciplinary work. One condition to be eligible for the grant is that the work should show a clear relationship with people, in the widest sense of the word. Each year, Florentine Riem Vis’ children will choose the recipient from a shortlist compiled by Foam.

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Florentine Riem Vis Grant