Foam Talent Call 2023

[2016] Untitled from the series Color Photographs 2015 © Daisuke Yokota
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Meet Foam Talents

  • Marwan Bassiouni
  • Myriam Boulos
  • Olgaç Bozalp
  • Laura Chen
  • Kata Geibl
  • Lina Geoushy
  • Marvel Harris
  • Alexandra Rose Howland
  • Ange-Frédéric Koffi
  • Czar Kristoff
  • Yushi Li
  • Carla Liesching
  • Seif Kousmate
  • Pavo Marinović
  • Diego Moreno
  • Donja Nasseri
  • Linn Phyllis Seeger
  • Ritsch Sisters
  • Donavon Smallwood

Talent Programmes

Young boys out on the streets. One boy is grooming in a mirror, while the other boy holds the mirror and looks serious into the camera.
boys carrying another boy
Felipe Romero Beltrán
wins Foam Paul Huf Award 2023

Past programmes

Foam Magazine #61 Talent
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