Foam Magazine is an international award-winning photography publication.

Foam Magazine collage
Cover of Foam Magazine 64 Extremes. Cover: Abundance


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FM 63

#63 FOOD!

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Cover image: Untitled / After Courbet (L’origine du monde), 2004. Colour photograph, 46x55cm. Photograph: David Rych. ©  Tanja Ostojić/David Rych.


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Foam Magazine 61 Talent Image Paintings, Dreams and Love © Yushi Li

#61 Talent

Foam Magazine 60 - Glyphs. Cover: image from the photo series 3eib!, © written, directed, and shot by Sarah Bahbah, courtesy of the artist

#60 Glyphs

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Image from the series EIGHTEEN NINETY 2020 installation detail from the exhibition In Plain Sight C Tavares Strachan

#59 Histories

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Cover Foam Magazine 58 Talent image by Lisandro Suriel

#58 Talent (2021)

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Cover Foam Magazine #57 In Limbo image untitled #3 from the series Kodak Knows No Dark Days, 2020 C Xaver Konneker, courtesy of the artist

#57 In Limbo

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Foam Magazine #56: Elsewhere The Other Issue

#56 Elsewhere

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Foam Magazine Issue 55 Talent
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Foam Magazine #54 PLAY! The Game Changing Issue

#54 PLAY!

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Foam Magazine is published two times a year. Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme that is explored through work by both world-renowned image makers and newer, emerging talents. Accompanying essays, interviews and opinions by experts in the field come together to shape an in-depth and critical conversation.

Crafted with distinct editorial choices, Foam Magazine has been the recipient of several awards for its high-grade graphic design and quality of content.

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Foam Magazine is an international photography magazine, published two times a year by Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.

The Foam Talent programme and the biennial Talent issue of Foam Magazine are supported by The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation.

Foam Magazine is sponsored by Igepa Netherlands BV, supplier of excellent paper.