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Through the lens of Turkish visual culture

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black and white image of a bust
man with plastic bag on head red tshirt and black sunglasses
GIF showing four works by Ogulcan Arslan, Alp Peker, Kivilcim Güngörün and Cansu Yildiran

Foam Talent 2022

Artists shaping the future of photography

4 activities
Image of a white man in white shorts throwing a disk
Remains of the temple of Hatshepsut, one colour image, one black and white
Graphics Foam Talent 2022

Foam Talent 2021

Celebrating artists shaping the future of photography.

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From the series Facades C Tommy Kha courtesy of the artist.
from the series If Spring Could Feel Ache C Bowei Yang
ARTIS Zoo, the Netherlands, 2019 c Sheng-Wen Lo
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Foam Talks

  • Foam Talks about an Armenian statue, an emptied lake, and a fig tree with Ece Gökalp and Larissa Araz

    11 Sept 2023
  • Foam Talks about Pamcore, fashion trends and meta cringe with Sara Cwynar and Agustina Panzoni

    10 Aug 2023
  • Talent Talks 2022 with Kata Geibl & Shailoh Phillips

    15 Feb 2023
  • Talent Talks 2022 with Pavo Marinović & Barbara Gregov

    20 Dec 2022


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