Depiction of the act of melting glacier on a semi-transparent pink surface. Photograph by Douglas Mandry

Douglas Mandry, 2018

Monuments, Aletsch #2, 2018

Created by Douglas Mandry in 2018. The artwork is an ice photogram digitally printed on glass, and is displayed at 33 x 40 cm.

The artwork explores themes such as environment.

In an attempt to minimize the devastating effect of global warming on the glaciers of the Swiss Alps, each summer they are covered with geotextile blankets that are designed to keep the ice cool. Douglas Mandry journeyed his native country, intrigued by this desperate attempt to prevent the receding glaciers from further melting. The artist collected disused pieces of geotextile from the mountains, and later processed them as a base for found photographs of early twentieth-century alpinism in the region. Mandry also took bits of broken ice from the glacier with him in a cool box. In the darkroom, he put the ice in the enlarger, where it started to melt and drip onto the photo paper, creating a colourful aura of the glacier. Mandry then reproduced these photograms on glass plates. Monuments could be considered an index of the vanishing glaciers of Switzerland: frozen time, captured in an instant by the principles of photography.

© Douglas Mandry, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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Monuments, Aletsch #2, 2018