Waves from the Web, 2009 © Anne de Vries, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Anne de Vries, 2009

Waves from the Web

Created by Anne de Vries in 2009. Using c-print with an epoxy-layer as the medium, the artwork is displayed at 10 x 15 cm.

The artwork uses mediums such as collage and explores genres such as the constructed image.

De Vries' Waves is derived from the internet. Inspired by 'The Age of Aquarius,’ the astrological belief that the world has entered a new cycle in which love, light and humanity play an important role, the element of water is often used as a metaphor. De Vries has searched for the different ways that water has been represented in different cultures, from Japanese wood engravings to Bob Ross. De Vries brings the variety of collected images together by making collages and presenting them in a new way.

© Anne de Vries, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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Waves from the Web