Aike, 2016 © Olya Oleinic, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Olya Oleinic, 2016


Created by Olya Oleinic in 2016. During summer 2016, visual artist Olya Oleinic went on a journey through China, motivated by her fascination for the aesthetics of advertising and the fact that China is one of the countries producing most of the objects we use in our daily lives, all around the world.

From Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei to Hong Kong, she focused on the consumer culture she encountered on every corner of the cities’ streets.

Back in her Amsterdam studio, she started recreating her impressions and sentiments about this confusing contact with China’s consumerism and produced another reality of this phenomenon. Playing with the stereotypes of mass consumption, famous Western labels, and dozens of counterfeit brands such as Aike, Nkie or Calvim Klain, Oleinic constructed a deformed yet meaningful visual impression of consumer culture.

© Olya Oleinic, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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