Modern Perspectives
Liz Johnson Artur of life of love of sex of movement of hope

Discover the current exhibition of life of love of sex of movement of hope by Liz Johnson Artur through the eyes of one of our inspiring guests. In Modern Perspectives, we invite guest speakers to share their interpretations of the photography in the museum. Every speaker will give their interpretation of the term 'community', which has become a keyword of our times. The evening will be guided by photographer Coco Olakunle.

2 February 2022
Four Sisters

The last guest of Modern Perspectives will be the community art project Four Sisters, a public garden initiative by Müge Yilmaz, Marija Šujica, Iris Dik and The Beach. Four Sisters offers an edible labyrinth in the Tuinen van West, just outside Amsterdam Nieuw-West. The title of the project is inspired by a Latin American agricultural technique also known as Milpa, in which maize, beans and pumpkins live in symbiosis.

Join us on 2 February 2022, 18.00 - 19.00 hrs at Foam.

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Four Sisters © Lous Martin, courtesy of the artist.

6 January 2022
Queer Choir (cancelled)

In January, we welcome Amsterdam's Queer Choir formed by Shreya, Mylou and Sarah. They first met in a protest where they chanted slogans for equality and have since been working and sharing solidarity together. For them, singing in a choir ''helps one extend themselves, and get in sync and in tune with others. The process helps in creating a sense of engagement with other people, establishing a rhythmical harmony between them.”

Queer Choir Amsterdam, 2021 © Queer Choir

16 December 2021
Bogomir Doringer

In December, we welcome Bogomir Doringer who is a Serbian/Dutch artist, researcher and curator. His ongoing research project I Dance Alone observes clubbing from a birds-eye-view, mirroring or reacting to socio-political changes by investigating the collective and individual dynamics of the dancefloor. He established the definition of 'Dance of Urgency', a dance that rises in times of personal and collective crises aiming to empower individuals and collectives.

Awakenings Party in Amsterdam Dance Alone, 2016 © Bogomir Doringer, courtesy of the artist.

About the exhibition

Liz Johnson Artur - of life of love of sex of movement of hope © Foam. Photo: Christian van der Kooy.⁠ © Foam. Photo: Christian van der Kooy.⁠

Foam presents the solo exhibition of life of love of sex of movement of hope by London-based photographer Liz Johnson Artur. The exhibition celebrates daily events and brings them together as a form of storytelling in an attempt to elevate human emotion.

Drawing from her expansive thirty-year-long Black Balloon Archive, Johnson Artur's work develops around photographs and their encounters with people. While capturing moments, her photography engages in a constant process of dialogue.

The exhibition is organised by FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE in collaboration with Foam.

Foam is supported by the VriendenLoterij, Foam Members, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, the VandenEnde Foundation and Gemeente Amsterdam.

In 2022 Foam receives additional support from the Mondriaan Fund.

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© Liz Johnson Artur, courtesy of the artist.
Cuckmere River, 1963
ABC da cana (Sugarcane ABC), 2014 © Jonathas de Andrade
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Outsidein Akwasi c Coco Plooijer

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Modern Perspectives
Liz Johnson Artur of life of love of sex of movement of hope