Lecture Photography Through the Lens of AI

In anticipation of the upcoming exhibition Missing Mirror, we are organising a lecture about the future of photography, exclusively for Foam Members. During this lecture, Foam Magazine's managing editor Katy Hundertmark will share exclusive insights into the growing overlap between art, technology and society.

Themes and topics

When authenticity is questioned, how do we form a truthful image of the world? And conversely, how do we recognize ourselves in the image of the world? During this programme, we will examine how recent developments in artificial intelligence affect our relationship with reality. Katy Hundertmark will share the process and ideas behind the making of Foam Magazine's upcoming issue, which revolves around similar themes and topics featured in the upcoming group exhibition Missing Mirror: Photography Through the Lens of AI.

Eye 4 - Detect, perceive, explore, 2023 © Milo Poelman / Text-Davinci-003
Man on mountain making picture of green forest valley below him

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Lecture Photography Through the Lens of AI