Group of students are watching photographs together with a museum teacher
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Active Guided Tour

Form your own opinion about photography and discover everything about the photographer, the subject, and the context of the exhibitions in Foam during an interactive tour.

About the guided tour

Knowledge starts with asking the right questions. Our museum teachers challenge you during the interactive tour to form your own opinion about photography in Foam based on specific questions. You discuss with each other about the exhibitions and make connections with your own working field.

During the tour, you will discover the exhibitions in the museum in an interactive way. The focus of the tour is everyone’s own way of looking and thinking. The museum teacher constantly asks different questions, which challenges you to look very closely. The tour makes you dive deeper into the subject and context of each exhibition. You will also discover how you can relate photography to disciplines within your own study.

Learning goals

  • Consciously looking at photography
  • Get acquainted with the basic principles and elements of photography
  • Discover and ask questions about a photo
  • Discover the story behind the exhibitions
  • Discover connections between the exhibitions at Foam and your field of expertise
  • Articulate which photos you find interesting, and why

Questions or special requests?

Contact the Education department via 020-5516505 or

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