A landscape depicting lake and mountains. The print is blurred on purpose.

Matthew Brandt, 2016

Lake Vyrnwy, Wales D1, 2016 (dyptich)

Created by Matthew Brandt in 2016. The artwork is a c-print soaked in Lake Vyrnwy water and is displayed at 76.2 x 50.8 cm. The artwork makes use of experimental printing process. Part of a diptych.

Using his surroundings as an additive medium, Brandt’s printed photographs are bathed in a mixture of water collected from the site in which the composition was derived. Through this experimental process, the artist becomes closer to his specific subjects and gains a better understanding of his surroundings as a whole. This controlled technique mirrors the chemical composite of the photographed landscape and therefore symbolises today’s ecological concerns about the deterioration of our natural world.

Matthew Brandt, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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thumbnail Lake Vyrnwy, Wales D1, 2016 (dyptich)

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Lake Vyrnwy, Wales D1, 2016 (dyptich)