Artist Talk: Matthew Brandt
For the occasion of the exhibition <a href="/museum/programme/back-to-the-future">Back to the Future</a> - <a href="/museum/programme/back-to-the-future">the 19th century</a> <a href="/museum/programme/back-to-the-future">in the 21st century</a>, Foam organises a talk with artist Matthew Brandt on Friday 19 January.

The exhibition Back to the Future presents the work of contemporary artists who use photographic techniques, methods and processes that trace back to those used by nineteenth century photographers. These artists not only draw inspiration from those pioneering years, but also find surprising new ways to continue in that same tradition. During the opening weekend of the exhibition one of the participating artists, Matthew Brandt, will talk about his practice.

Stepping Stone Falls, 2016 (Triptych) © Matthew Brandt / Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery New York

The work of Matthew Brandt is characterized by the use of unconventional materials that are linked to a specific place. Stepping Stone Falls in his Waterfalls series calls attention to the water supply in Flint, Michigan. For economic reasons, the city of Flint switched its water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River in April 2014, ignoring the fact that the river water was polluted. Widespread lead poisoning resulted. Three Stepping Stone Falls prints were developed in an intensive process while polluted river water continually circulated accross the prints. The result is a work with material qualities, directly connected to the image portrayed.

Matthew Brandt´s work is part of the exhibition Back to the Future, initiated by Foam in collaboration with C/O Berlin. From September until December 2018 the exhibition travels in an adapted version to C/O Berlin, Germany.

Foam thanks Stichting Foam Friends and Foam Fund for their generous support of the exhibition Back to the Future. Read more on how you can support Foam.

Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Gemeente Amsterdam, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.

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Artist Talk: Matthew Brandt