Talent Talks 2022

with Kata Geibl &

Shailoh Phillips

Foam produced a series of podcasts on the occasion of Foam Talent 2022. In this third and final episode, host and curator of this year's Foam Talent exhibition Mirelva Berghout speaks with Foam Talent Kata Geibl and special guest Shailoh Phillips.
from the series Nothing New Under the Sun © Kata Geibl, courtesy of the artist

For Talent Talks, each episode focusses on one artist aiming to evoke a conversation around their approach and contextualising it within the photography field while not forgetting the personal stories behind it. Each conversation features a special guest that offers an insight into the discourses surrounding a specific project. The series is hosted by Mirelva Berghout, curator of this year's Foam Talent exhibition.


About the speakers

Shailoh Phillips (1979, USA) is an artist, activist, researcher, educator, hacker, and community organizer. She approaches theory as an embodied practice and teaching as a form of art. She is part of the artist group Tools for Action and currently working on a practice-based PhD on the intersections between protest, performance and photography. Originally trained in philosophy and cultural anthropology, she abandoned an academic career to work in the cultural sector, mainly for museums, public television, artist-run spaces and online platforms.

Kata Geibl (1989, Budapest) is a photographer living and working in Budapest, Hungary. Her work is mainly focused on global issues, capitalism, the Anthropocene, and the ambiguities of the photographic medium. Coming from a background in Liberal Arts has informed the way she creates her projects. Drawing concepts from Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Geibl steps in with metaphorical images to fill in the gaps where words fall short. Geibl’s long-standing interest in photography’s ambiguity—how we are trained to treat photographs as evidence while also approaching them with intense suspicion—is palpable throughout her practice. Harnessing this tension, she presents us with the implications of a very real phenomenon without adhering to straight documentary methods that habitually signal truth. Instead, she mixes genres to produce her visual universe—a commentary on our relationship to photography as much as the implications of capitalism.

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Kata Geibl

There Is Nothing New Under the Sun / See Daylight

Explore the work of Kata Geibl, as well as that of the 19 other Talents, in the Foam Talent 2022 digital exhibition. The photographs are accompanied by additional contextualising video, audio and text material.

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The Feast Inside, from the series Paintings Dreams and Love © Yushi Li and Steph Wilson, courtesy of the artists.

Concept: Mirelva Berghout & Amelie Schüle
Production: Nordin Janssen
Mastering & Mixing: Andersen Audio Productions

This podcast is organised on the occasion of Foam Talent 2022.

The Foam Talent Programme and the biennial Talent issue of Foam Magazine are supported by the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation.

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Talent Talks 2022 - Kata Geibl & Shailoh Phillips