Foam proudly presents the work of a new generation of artists in the group exhibition Foam Talent 2022. The 20 participating photographers address the pressing problems of our times. Together, they explore and extend the boundaries of what photography is today.   

As a diverse group of artists, each of them presents their own visual language. Through their works, they critically look at the world around us. They use the photographic medium to question collective affairs and ongoing issues happening in the world. At the same time, they explore how these issues have an impact on a personal level, moving between a local, historical, symbolic, emotional and bodily perspective. 

This group of artists uses a wide range of photographic genres to tell their stories. With portraiture and documentary photography, digital created images and archival material, the talents create a space for the viewer to sit with situations and current events, to reflect and respond to.   

Complementing the physical experience at Foam, this digital exhibition offers a deeper look at the Talents and their works. What goes on behind the surface? What is the inspiration? What techniques are used? This exhibition combines artistic context with educational perspectives. Read, see, and hear more about the themes and topics and explore, engage, and interact with the works! 

The selected photographers for Foam Talent 2022 are: Marwan Bassiouni, Myriam Boulos, Olgaç Bozalp, Laura Chen, Kata Geibl, Lina Geoushy, Marvel Harris, Alexandra Rose Howland, Ange-Frédéric Koffi, Czar Kristoff, Yushi Li, Carla Liesching, Seif Kousmate, Pavo Marinović, Diego Moreno, Donja Nasseri, Ghazaleh Rezaei, Linn Phyllis Seeger, Ritsch Sisters, Donavon Smallwood.

The Foam Talent Programme and the biennial Talent issue of Foam Magazine are supported by the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation.

The exhibition is made possible by Kleurgamma Fine-Art Photolab and Oschatz Visuelle Medien.
Foam is supported by the VriendenLoterij, Foam Members, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, the VandenEnde Foundation and the Gemeente Amsterdam.
In 2022 Foam receives additional support from the Mondriaan Fund and receives a contribution through the Mondriaan Fund from the Ministerie van OCW.

Foam Talent 2022

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The feast inside The Feast Inside from the series Paintings Dreams and Love C Yushi Li and Steph Wilson, courtesy of the artists


photographers were selected for Foam Talent 2022.

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Ritsch Sisters

The Act of Sitting

From the series The Act of Sitting © The Ritsch Sisters

From the series The Act of Sitting © The Ritsch Sisters

Maisie Skidmore in Foam Magazine #61

From the series The Act of Sitting © The Ritsch Sisters

From the series The Act of Sitting © The Ritsch Sisters

The Act of Sitting

What would happen if we were forced to sit in isolation for an extended period of time? During the height of the pandemic, the Ritsch Sisters, who frequently explore physical, spatial, and emotional tensions, invited individuals to collaborate on their own interpretation of sitting. The resulting photographs, which were all captured via video chats around the world, reflect on how the act of sitting is transformed into a political and performative act.

© The Ritsch Sisters

choose a sitting instruction and make your own self portrait inspired by the Ritsch Sisters.

The Act of Sitting © Ritsch Sisters, courtesy of the artists

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Donavon Smallwood


Donavon Smallwood’s early ambitions to become an archaeologist and poet have influenced his approach to exploring themes of identity, nature, and human connection; all captured through the distinct use of black and white photography. Amidst the pandemic, Smallwood found himself retreating to Central Park. His exploration into both place and people results in a poetic series to envision black tranquillity. 

From the series 'Languor' by Donavon Smallwood

From the series 'Languor' by Donavon Smallwood

Ode to C.P.

No matter how estranged I become,
the luster of my gaze will never fade.

From flesh to nerve,
I love you.

Additional to his still portraits, Donavon Smallwood also created moving imagery.

From the series 'Languor' by Donavon Smallwood

From the series 'Languor' by Donavon Smallwood

Yushi Li

Paintings, Dreams and Love

Gender, desire and eroticism are central to Yushi Li’s work. In Paintings, Dreams and Love, Li muses on spectatorship in classical paintings by making Western men her subjects. She places herself into the reconstructed scenes as a way to intervene with existing representations and recreate her own portrayal of desire.

The Nightmare from the series Paintings, Dreams and Love by Yushi Li

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli, 1781

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli, 1781

Yushi Li

Narcissus with a Mirror by Yushi Li

Venus at a Mirror, Peter Paul Rubens, 1615

The Death of Actaeon, Titian, c. 1559-1575

The Death of Actaeon by Yushi Li

Yushi Li

The Room, Balthus, 1953

Yushi Li

Olgaç Bozalp

Home: Leaving One for Another

from the series Home: leaving one for another by Olgaç Bozalp

Home: Leaving One for Another

Cultural identity is a key theme through Olgaç Bozalp’s work. After leaving Turkey to pursue a career in London, he was intrigued to learn what urges people to flee or migrate from their homeland. In the works he weaves together his documentary style and staged installations, using emblematic objects to reflect personal discovery and his own experience as a migrant. 

From the series 'Home: leaving one for another' by Olgaç Bozalp

"I lived in the same town until I was nineteen when I left to study abroad. At the time none of my peers had seen the outside walls of our town, so for me it was a cool and exciting opportunity.

I never really had an opportunity to travel elsewhere until eight years ago when my dad offered to take me on a trip to Japan as a way of spending time together. When I got to Japan, it opened my eyes to other worlds and cultures, and the trip was the catalyst of my travel career. 

After visiting new locations, and seeing the sites of where people once lived, I started to question why people wanted to move from one place to another. When I moved back to my home-country for a year, I started to understand the formative experiences from my childhood and what the concept of home meant to me. I started observing other people in their environments and questioned what home meant for them. 

Thus, the idea for Home: Leaving One for Another was born. It’s part documentary, part abstract—a series of understanding our place in the world."

—Olgaç Bozalp

Olgaç Bozalp talks about his zine-making practice and inspiration for his projects.

20 Oct

Launch of the next four talents in Foam Talent Digital 2022

To Destroy Is To Build © Czar Kristoff, courtesy of the artist.jpg
Malign Influences/The Holy Mountains © Diego Moreno, courtesy of the artist
Le Grand Voyage – Version Courte © Ange-Frédéric Koffi, courtesy of the artist

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From the series Tell The Trees To Smile © Myriam Boulos.