Club Foam membership
Tree #1, from the series Tree, 2006 © Myoung Ho Lee, courtesy of the Foam Collection
Untitled (Two Girls Embrace), 2018 © Tyler Mitchell, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Club Foam

Club Foam is a dynamic group of young professionals who are photography and art enthusiasts. They are actively involved with Foam.

Through the Club you can expand your knowledge of photography, discover surprising cultural areas/venues/spaces. You will help build a growing and diverse network of young (international) lovers of photography, art and culture, between the ages of 25 and 40. Moreover, your membership will sponsor Foam projects.

this membership gets you:

  • The annual Club Foam dinner where Foam curators present the current state of affairs in photography;
  • Free access to Foam with a plus one at every visit;

  • Free access to eleven renowned photography museums abroad;

  • An annual masterclass collecting photography;
  • 2x a year, an exclusive gallery or studio visit;
  • Every year, a personal portrait by a professional photographer;
  • A personal invitation for the opening & passe-partout to the international photography fairs Unseen and Paris Photo;
  • Invitations to all festive Foam exhibition openings, priority access and discounts to other Foam events;
  • An annual subscription to Foam Magazine;
  • 10% discount on purchases in the Foam bookstore (foreign titles).

Contact us for any questions.

Why Club Foam?

Club Foam takes you inside the world of photography: from masterclasses in photography collecting by curators and collectors, to meetings with photographers during a studio or gallery visit, exclusive private tours at Foam outside opening hours, an annual portrait by a professional photographer, and the Club Foam dinner, where we bring you up to date on the latest trends in photography.

Club Foam is involved and personal. The programme of activities is inspiring and innovative, but most of all, small-scale. Some activities are for the entire club, like our annual dinner, while other activities offer space to a limited amount of members. This way, getting to know Foam and each other is easy.

Tax benefits

The Club Foam membership fee is €450 per year or €39 per month. Many activities allow you to bring a guest. The greater part of your membership fee (€300) is a donation, which Foam utilises in the development of new activities. Thanks to special tax incentives for donations to cultural institutions, this can amount to substantial fiscal benefits. By committing to five years of membership you will (in most cases) be eligible for an additional fiscal advantage, reducing the net fee to €307 or €261 per year. This special fiscal advantage will be in place through at least 2023.

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Past member events
all member events
Generated by DALL·E by OpenAI, prompt and photo Carlijn Jacobs

Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Home/Leaving One for Another © Olgaç Bozalp, courtesy of the artist

Opening Foam Talent 2022

Holding a sculpture from the Ashanti 2019 C John Edmonds

Member Hours: Bill Brandt and John Edmonds

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