Urban Wildlife in the City

In the photography workshop Urban Wildlife in the City, we aim to expose natural life in Amsterdam. Plants and animals have found a home in the city and nestled in unnoticed places between cracks, stones and hidden corners. Amsterdam's urban environment provides a new habitat for nature. Discover these hidden treasures of the city and learn how to capture these special moments with the camera.

About the workshop

Participants are challenged to capture a visual story about nature in the neighbourhood. This project provides an opportunity for creative expression and raising awareness about the diversity of flora and fauna in the urban environment.

During this 3 class photography workshop, you will learn about the hidden wildlife of the city and capture it in a photo series. Part of the workshop is a tour with an urban ecologist through Amsterdam's canals and De Hortus Botanicus. The workshop will be given by professional photographer David Hup, winner of the Zilveren Camera (nature category).

Stadsnatuur © David Hup.

About David Hup

David Hup is a documentary photographer who is fascinated by the relationship between humans and nature. Growing up in a densely populated neighbourhood of Amsterdam, he experienced our relationship with nature in human-dominated areas at first-hand. In his work, he investigates how we interact with nature and how our presence can disadvantage, or benefit ecosystems. David uses photography to raise awareness about our impact on nature with the goal of creating a sustainable foundation for coexistence.

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From the series A Bear in the Backyard © David Hup.