Janette Beckman Rebels

Foam is proud to present the work of legendary punk and hip-hop photographer Janette Beckman. The exhibition Rebels is a tribute to activists, subversives, revolutionaries, and provocateurs driving positive social change.

Sade, New York City, 1983 © Janette Beckman
Salt-n-Pepa, New York City, 1987 © Janette Beckman

About the exhibition

Rebels pays special attention to Janette Beckman's influential portraits of key figures from punk and hip-hop movements. Beckman approaches portrait photography with empathy. She establishes an intense relationship with her subjects and captures their most authentic selves without the use of forced poses. This results in a rich and multi-layered artistic experience that reveals the core of individuals and communities.

Jean and Chris, East Village, New York City, 1995 © Janette Beckman

About the artist

Janette Beckman captured early movements such as punk and hip-hop as well as more recent initiatives like Black Lives Matter and the peace demonstrations for Gaza in October 2023.

The British-born photographer Janette Beckman began her career at the dawn of punk rock, contributing to renowned music magazines such as The Face and Melody Maker. Her lens captured legendary bands, ranging from The Clash to Boy George as well as three Police album covers. Over four decades, Beckman documented a wide range of culture, style, music, and social changes, from the punk scene in London to the emergence of hip-hop in New York.

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Portrait of Andre 3000

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Janette Beckman Rebels