Echoing Cultures
A Sonic Lecture by Lynnée Denise

Join us for a sonic lecture by Lynnée Denise, based on a selection of photographs from the current exhibition Rebels by Janette Beckman. As a DJ, scholar and writer, Denise will present a performative lecture and listening session exploring ideas on gender, sexuality, race and technology. We will learn about musical-cross pollination in the 1980s through a diasporic lens by analysing critical songs, album covers, and visual culture. 

About the sonic lecture

Lynnée Denise will demonstrate what she calls a "sound system of social relations" to amplify overlapping political and musical ideas that surfaced through the interfacing of punk culture, hip-hop, and disco. Additionally, the sonic lecture will trace the migratory nature of music and construct a living archive through engaging stories from neighbourhoods, stages, studios, and dance floors that shaped the sonic landscape in U.S., U.K., and Caribbean cities.  

About Lynnée Denise

As a global practitioner of sound, language, and Black Atlantic thought, Lynnée Denise lives between Amsterdam and Johannesburg. Shaped by her parent's record collection and the 1980s, Denise's work traces and foregrounds the intimacies of underground nightclub movements, music migration, and bass culture in the African Diaspora. Denise's research contends with how iterations of sound system culture construct a living archive and refuge for a Black queer diaspora.

Sade, New York City, 1983 © Janette Beckman.

Special thanks to Demonfuzz Records and Navin Thakoer.

The exhibition is made possible by Mondriaan Fund, SWOON Sign & Visual, Oschatz Visuelle Medien and Kleurgamma Fine Art Photolab.

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Echoing Cultures
A Sonic Lecture by Lynnée Denise