Foam Portfolio Review Day

Are you a self-taught photographer that needs help advancing their career? Or a recent graduate looking for professional advice on your artistic practice? We're happy to extend an exclusive invitation to emerging photographers seeking advice on their creative journey.

Join Foam’s first ever Portfolio Review Day on Saturday 16 December and receive professional one-on-one feedback on your photographic practice from a member of our artistic team.

About the day

During Foam's Portfolio Review Day our creative teams set out to share their in-house knowledge with emerging and self-taught photographers. Take the opportunity to share your portfolio, get real time feedback and ask questions. Join us by booking a time slot with one of our reviewers here.

The review team includes: 

Claartje van Dijk - Head Curator 

Mirjam Kooiman - Curator 

Aya Musa - Curator 

Katy Hundertmark - Managing Editor Foam Magazine 

Lotte Klösters - Gallery Manager Foam Editions

Henri Badaröh - Assistant Editor Foam Magazine

Foam Talent Network Brunch, 2022 © Foam. Photo Josef Degrabiele

About Foam & Talent

Foam Talent Network Brunch, 2022 © Foam. Photo Josef Degrabiele

We stand for Talent. We scout, follow and present talented artists in order to stimulate and showcase exceptional quality. We aim to bring international spotlight to new developments and experimentation in photography.

foam talent network brunch 2022 josef degabriele

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Foam Portfolio Review Day