Opening Foam 3h:
Jakob Ganslmeier and Ana Zibelnik GIGA

Join us for the official opening of GIGA by Jakob Ganslmeier and Ana Zibelnik on Thursday 7 March 2024. The exhibition will be opened with a Q&A between the artists and Head of Artistic Programming Mirjam Kooiman. You are welcome from 17.30 to 21.00 hrs at Foam 3h.

About the exhibition

GIGA reveals how memes and various media formats, initially perceived as harmless, can inadvertently serve as conduits for disseminating extremist messages. Ganslmeier & Zibelnik's video projects offer an in-depth exploration into the perilous undercurrents of cynical humour and the allure and rationalization of violence that come with the profound influence wielded by iconic meme personas. The exhibition does not only aim to illustrate the complexities around the imagery on our social media, but also looks to contribute to the overall media literacy of its users.

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Bereitschaft, 2024 © Jakob Ganslmeier and Ana Zibelnik.

The art works Redpilled and Public Enlightenment are part of Houses of Darkness, a Paradox collaboration with three World War II memorial centres (Westerbork, Bergen-Belsen, Falstad) supported by Creative Europe and others (2021-2023). This project explored the notion of perpetrator perspectives in contemporary Nazi camp memorials.

GIGA – Jakob Ganslmeier and Ana Zibelnik is made in collaboration with Paradox.

This exhibition is made possible with the support of the Van Bijleveltstichting, the Leeuwensteinstichting, Mondriaan Fonds and Fonds ZOZ.

Bold right-wing extremism

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Opening Foam 3h:
Jakob Ganslmeier and Ana Zibelnik GIGA