Opening Felipe Romero Beltrán Dialect

Join us for the official opening of Dialect by Felipe Romero Beltrán, the 17th winner of the Foam Paul Huf Award. The exhibition will be opened on Thursday 25 January in the presence of the artist. You are welcome from 17.30 until 21.00 hrs at Foam.

About the exhibition

Foam is proud to present Felipe Romero Beltrán's solo exhibition Dialect. The exhibition captures the journey of a group of young Moroccan men after their arrival from a dangerous journey crossing the sea to Spain. Through his work, Romero Beltrán sheds light on issues such as alienation and social inequity of migrants in today’s society.

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© Dialect, 2023 © Felipe Romero Beltrán.

The Foam Paul Huf Award was made possible by the generous support of Mentha Capital.

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Opening Felipe Romero Beltrán Dialect