Launch new First Editions by Nanouk Prins

Foam Editions proudly presents the newest set of First Editions by photographer Nanouk Prins, who graduated cum laude from the Photo Academy in 2021.

The First Editions are a unique chance to buy work by emerging talent for an attractive price. With this initiative, Foam Editions aims to facilitate a connection between starting photographers and (potential) collectors. The two works have an edition of 100 per work and are sold for €95 each, including a wooden frame.

About the series

This summery set is part of the Saudade series – a Portuguese word with no exact equivalent in any other language. It represents a sense of yearning that can never be fulfilled, as for a lost loved one, or a missed opportunity viewed with regret. It is a palpable sense of absence that seems to have its own kind of presence. Saudade is a bittersweet feeling, a profound sense of nostalgia rather than despair. 

Nanouk Prins is working on a publication of this very personal body of work. The sales of these First Editions will help the financing of this publication. They will be for sale exclusively at Foam until 18 September 2024.

Nanouk Prins
Saudade © Nanouk Prins
Saudade © Nanouk Prins

First Edition sets are supported by Amsterdam-based frame maker L’Encadreur and framed in consultation with the artist.

First editions Nanouk Prins, Tree and water

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Launch new First Editions by Nanouk Prins