Michael Poliza: Travel Diary
Olympus presents the exhibition Travel Diary in the Foam Café, featuring the work of nature photographer Michael Poliza.

Travel Diary documents Poliza’s journey through Canada and the Lofoten Islands (Norway). Here, he photographed polar bears surrounded by greenery and flowers, in stark contrast to the normal icy whites we're used to seeing. The series is interspersed with photos of sprawling northern landscapes and behind-the-scenes shots of the photographer at work. 

On 11 November, the photo series will be shown in the Foam Café, where you can also try out the Olympus gear used by the photographer.

This presentation is part of a roadshow of Michael Poliza's work, organised by Olympus. After Foam, the exhibition will go on show in a number of cities throughout Germany.

From the series Travel Diary, 2016 © Michael Poliza

Michael Poliza (1958) has received worldwide acclaim for his approach to nature photography. He was one of digital photography's early adapters back in 1998, and has become a celebrated photographer, both internationally and domestically, in his native Germany. Poliza’s work has won countless awards, whilst his books are widely sold in over 70 countries.

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The exhibition Travel Diary is made possible by Olympus.

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Michael Poliza: Travel Diary