Thanks to the generous support of a number of permanent partners Foam is able to realise its ambitions.


Since 2007 Foam has been supported by the BankGiro Loterij with an annual contribution for presentations and to help increase participation of the audience. Since 16 August 2021, the BankGiro Loterij and the VriendenLoterij have joined forces under the name VriendenLoterij.

The renewed VriendenLoterij is committed to all organisations that make life more beautiful by dedicating themselves to preserving the cultural heritage and the well-being of people. Think of monuments in your neighbourhood, the theatre, the museum or the local sports club. For restoring artworks by Dutch masters or renovating the sports club.

The Nationale Postcode Loterij and the VriendenLoterij are part of the Holding National Lottery for Charity (Holding Nationale Goede Doelen Loterijen). The Goede Doelen Loterijen (National Postcode Loterij and the VriendenLoterij) were established to raise funds for charities.

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De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek N.V. is an international law firm, advising more than 70% of the headquarters of multinationals in the Netherlands. The cooperation with Foam started in 2010.

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek specializes in providing high-end legal advice in complex transactions and litigation to companies, financial institutions, government and semi-governmental agencies. Over the years, we have built up a wide international network of outstanding independent law firms with which we work in close cooperation. De Brauw employs about 650 professionals in Amsterdam, Brussels, Beijing, London and New York.

De Brauw has mainly two objectives in its cooperation with Foam. Firstly, the development of art and culture - in addition to education and the environment - are a priority in the CSR policy of the office. Secondly, De Brauw has an interest in contributing to the cultural climate of the city. Foam and De Brauw have a similar ambition: to focus on young talent.

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VandenEnde Foundation

Giving people opportunities. That is the mission of the VandenEnde Foundation, the private cultural fund set up by Joop and Janine van den Ende. Since 2001 Foam is one of the cultural institutions that has been supported by the VandenEnde Foundation. Its main objective is to foster interest in culture and to encourage cultural entrepreneurship. The VandenEnde Foundation therefore gives talented young people an opportunity to grow in their careers by awarding them study and working grants. The VandenEnde foundation is also the main founder of the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam.

The founders of the VandenEnde Foundation, Joop and Janine van den Ende, have been presented with – and seized – opportunities on several occasions throughout their professional careers. The desire to share their experience in entrepreneurship and their profound interest in culture has led to the founding of the VandenEnde Foundation in January 2001. Through the activities of the foundation they wish to stimulate that young people grow up in a society with an interest in and respect for culture. Within this strategy the VandenEnde Foundation grants opportunities to young artists to develop their talents and their artistic expressions in order to enrich the lives of others.

Ever since the foundation of Foam in 2002, the museum received contributions for several projects in The Netherlands as well as abroad.

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Foam is supported by the VriendenLoterij, Foam Members, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, the VandenEnde Foundation and the City of Amsterdam.

In 2021 Foam receives additional support from the Mondriaan Fund and Kickstart Cultuurfonds.