Foam Members: BlueKnowledge Art Collection Visit

Club Foam members are welcomed to the BlueKnowledge Art Collection, where founders Jethro van Dorp and his partner Othie MacKenzie will guide us through the history and the motivations behind the collection. During our visit, we will also get a preview of a retrospective exhibition to open later in the month, featuring works by Erwin Olaf, some of which are in dialogue with pieces by Marc Lagrange.

About the collection

BlueKnowledge Art Collection was built up by Jethro van Dorp and his partner Othie MacKenzie. Originally started as a corporate collection, several trends can be discovered. For instance, the collection features work by Barbara Katsen and Satijn Panyigay, both of whom approach architecture from different angles. At the same time, part of the collection is also centred around social themes, e.g. the lack of recognition of intellectuals of colour in Western European and American history, the freedom to show your own identity and the way we treat the beauty of the earth. The latter makes for a diverse collection of artists in the collection. 

Collage of a woman sitting on a counch with a glass paired with a vase with flower.

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Foam Members: BlueKnowledge Art Collection Visit