Keti Koti 2024: Dinner experience by Code Noir
The Legacy of Rice

For the annual commemoration of Keti Koti, we will partner with Code Noir to explore themes around enslavement and emancipation in Suriname and the Dutch Antilles.

Through a dining experience centring around the foodways of rice from Africa to the Caribbean (Oryza glaberrima), we will learn about African rice, the erasure of African agricultural heritage and the knowledge excluded from our history books around this commodity.

About the dining experience

During the event, we will have two carefully curated courses using the ancient and long-forgotten African rice grain. Interactive elements will be incorporated throughout the evening, encouraging participants to ask: "Where does my food come from, and what role did enslaved Africans play in bringing it to my table?"

In addition, there will also be a performance by Julia-Beth, who is a writer and storyteller. She will translate the evening's themes into a poetry performance.

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About Code Noir

Atelier Code Noir is a space dedicated to decolonizing the food system and driving systemic change. Their goal is to build a vibrant community of food connoisseurs, enthusiasts, supporters, local residents and other interested parties. They organise workshops, lectures and dinners that aim to create awareness and foster connections among a diverse audience, all through food.

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Indigenous period, 2020 © Anisa Xhomaqi
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Keti Koti 2024: Dinner experience by Code Noir
The Legacy of Rice