Dance through the exhibition of Jonathas de Andrade

Do you like photography and dance? Join our accessible dance workshop, developed exclusively for Foam by choreographers Lana Andringa and Mabel Escobar.

All you need to bring is a towel and comfortable clothes. We provide you with water and Brazilian vibes to usher in spring.

About the workshop

The workshop is centered around the artwork Heroínas de Tejucupapo, which can be seen in the exhibition Staging Resistance by Jonathas de Andrade. This work tells the story about a battlefield in 1646, where women from the Brazilian village Tejucopapo successfully defended themselves against a Dutch army with sticks, pots, boiling water and hot pepper. This strong feeling of empowerment and togetherness is what this dance workshop is all about.

During the dancing, you will be swept away by the joyful rhythms of Forró, the popular dance style from the northeastern region of Brazil where the work of de Andrade is deeply rooted. This musical base is used by Mabel and Lana to create their own dance of resistance.

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Heroínas de Tejucupapo © Jonathas de Andrade.


Aftermovie: Dance through the exhibition of Jonathas de Andrade

Aftermovie: Dance through the exhibition of Jonathas de Andrade, 2022 © Thomas van Damme and Mathieu Gremillet.

I Love Chicas Dance Academy

Lana Andringa (1993, NL) and Mabel Escobar (1991, CO) are dancers that work for the I Love Chicas Dance Academy, a dance school and community that stimulates female empowerment through dancing. Both dancers teach Latin American, Caribbean and African dance genres. Lana's passion includes dancehall whereas Mabel keeps the tradition of her hometown alive when teaching salsa.  

Lana Andringa, 2021 © Zuzana Miraka

This exhibition is made possible by Ammodo and the Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds.

Foam is supported by the VriendenLoterij, Foam Members, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, the VandenEnde Foundation and Gemeente Amsterdam.

In 2022 Foam receives additional support from the Mondriaan Fund.

Mabel Escobar 2021 C Zuzana Miraka

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Dance through the exhibition of Jonathas de Andrade