CLAIM! Yours, mine, ours

It is time to CLAIM the museum! The students of Your Foam believe that the museum belongs to all of us. Come join us as we take over Foam with a series of engaging activities.

Join the Your Foam team 21/22 on 14 April for a journey through the museum. We have prepared several workshops, an interesting talk and a tour by the Foam Forward crew. In addition, we will serve snacks and end the night with a silent disco.

What to expect?

The workshops will take place in the exhibition hall of Bill Brandt and Jonathas de Andrade. During Bill Brandt's workshop, we will experiment with making surreal photos, which you can take home afterwards. At Jonathas de Andrade’s workshop, you will map out your habitat and create your personal postcard.

Meanwhile, we will use the exhibition by John Edmonds to talk about cultural appropriation. Afterwards, you can grab a bite with our homemade Kumpir snacks and enjoy our silent disco.

Museumnacht Amsterdam, 2021 © Foam. Photo: Jaap Beyleveld.

About Your Foam

We are Farhana, Demelsia, Jaden, Esmée, Julian and Eva and we are the new Your Foam team. We are a fun, young and diverse group who are motivated to work hard. In our team, we look at the museum with a new and creative view. We want to offer an experience to both young and old so that visiting a museum becomes more interesting. We strive to ensure that visitors go home with a unique experience.

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Your Foam 21/22, 2022 © Foam. Photo: Ashley Bruinhart.

Your Foam is supported by Fonds 21, VSB Fonds and Lerak Foundation.

Foam is supported by de VriendenLoterij, Foam Members, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, the VandenEnde Foundation and the City of Amsterdam.

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Museumnacht, 2021 © Foam. Photo: Jaap Beyleveld.

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CLAIM! Yours, mine, ours