Bruno Zhu Artist Talk
On 24 November at 19.30 Foam presents a talk by artist Bruno Zhu, within the context of his Foam 3h exhibition New Arrivals.

”A recurrent portrait of an unnamed man reappears in the form of a carpet installation. His shirt is open, chest exposed and he smiles. He is laid down on bed sheets surrounded by fashion magazines. A group of pillowbooks burst out from the fireplace. It is too early for Christmas indeed, but are they gifts or a seasonal anomaly? In the meantime we can’t deny we are in a reading room of sorts, look at the books, so many, but out of reach. They are locked away, we can only look from a distance, culture is precious you know, it disintegrates, better not touch.”

Artist Bruno Zhu will give participants a brief tour of the museum, akin to a house viewing, starting from Foam’s entrance and ending up in the reading room. Once in the reading room, the core of the talk will be a walkthrough of the different New Arrivals exhibition elements, especially in relation to the new work The September Issue.

A cosy, soothing predisposition is suggested as we contemplate where we were that year, and what year we would like to be in.

The artist talk will reflect upon the development of the show, how it embraced site specificity to tell a story about individual perception in the age of networked consumer circuits, and invite new strategies to perceive ordinary situations. A familiar soundtrack might hum in the background…

Damn those who think the world is theirs when on headphones.

The exhibition New Arrivals is on view from 30 October to 13 December 2015.

This event is in English. 

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Bruno Zhu Artist Talk