Book Launch Annegien van Doorn Sea You

One year after the launch of her sold-out book Biophilia, photographer Annegien van Doorn will return to Foam Editions to present her newest photobook Sea You. During the event, author Franca Treur will read a text she has written especially for van Doorn.

Annegien van Doorn

About the book

Sea You is about the attraction to the coast, based on stories from residents of Westkapelle. The book explores the archive of the Walcheren photographer Neeltje Flipse-Roelse (1921-2008), who was also fascinated by sea.

“Sea You is a photo dialogue with Neeltje Flipse-Roelse (1921-2008) about the sea, about those who live along the coast, about me, and actually also about you. Flipse-Roelse's enormous fascination for the sea, to which she was drawn again and again, has brought me to the same coast. The people of Westkapelle invited me into their world which is closely connected to the North Sea.” – Annegien van Doorn.

Sea You, 2023 © Annegien van Doorn.

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Book Launch Annegien van Doorn Sea You