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special education

Special and practical education

At Foam, we believe that photography is for everyone. Based on your own strength, take part in a guided tour or workshop and discover the photography in the museum.

What we offer

Discuss the exhibition together and get started with the camera. We would love to help you out with the specifics of the program.

Our museum teachers have experience with students with mild to moderate learning and behavioral problems and auditory and speech impairments. We are eager to compose an educational program suited for your needs, wishes and abilities of your group. Based on our existing programs, we can discuss the possibilities. For Special and Practical education we recommend choosing one of the following workshops:

Remake workshop

Follow in the footsteps of a famous photographer by copying the image very precisely.
By looking closely, you will discover the choices a photographer makes and learn everything about photographic concepts like framework, point of view, light and composition.

Portrait workshop

You can tell a lot about yourself with a photo. Who are you? What are you proud of? During this workshop, you learn how to make a special photo by getting inspiration out of the museum's exhibitions and by taking photos yourself. Everyone goes home with a unique portrait.

Questions or special needs?

Do you think another workshop is better suited for your group? The other programs offered at our website can be modified to your wishes. Contact the Education department via 020-5516505 or the link below.

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