Museum teacher gives a tour in sign language
special education

Photos in sign language

The best way to discover photography is in your own language. That is why guided tours and workshops in Foam are given by deaf museum teachers. Foam was the first museum in the Netherlands who offered programs in NGT. Look at the exhibitions together and discover the power of photography in Dutch sign language (NGT).

Guided tour in NGT

During an interactive tour in Foam, you talk with the other participants and the tour guide about the exhibitions in the museum. Your own way of thinking and looking at photos is central to this tour. The deaf museum teacher asks all kinds of different questions, which challenge you to take a better look and simultaneously teach you more about photography.

Photography workshop in NGT

The workshop starts with a tour of 30 minutes through the museum. You learn all about photographic basic concepts like frame, standing point, light and composition. Thereafter, you take a crash course photography in the education classroom, with the goal to take a special photo.

Other programmes in NGT

Are you interested in following another program Foam offers in NGT? Contact the Education department via 020-5516505 or the link below.

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