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Dreams for the future

What do you dream of? What do you want to have achieved in 10 years? What is your dream job? What will you do when you win a prize? In this workshop, you will think about your dreams for the future and create an image by combining personal words and photography.

About the workshop

The workshop starts with an interactive guided tour of 30 minutes, in which you learn about photographic terms like framework, point of view, light and composition. Afterwards, you get a crash course portrait photography in our education classroom. You will make portraits of each other in groups of 3. While your portrait is being printed, you will think about your dreams for the future with the help of a questionnaire. You will write your dreams down on the printed portrait. All the results will be presented on a big screen and jointly discussed.

Learning goals

  • Consciously looking at photography
  • Gain knowledge about photography terminology and picture elements
  • Think about your future and experience how you can talk about it through photography
  • Learn to reflect on your own work and that of others

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