Photo of a young girl in a pink dressing getting her portrait taken.
primary education

Show yourself!

With a photo you can show who you are. During this workshop, you will learn how to take a special portrait photo, by gaining inspiration from the museum exhibitions and by taking photos yourself. Everyone will bring a unique portrait home.

About the workshop

The workshop starts with an interactive guided tour of 30 minutes, where you will get to know the basic principles of photography like framework, point of view, light, and composition. Afterwards you will take this knowledge into action in our education classroom, where you will receive a crash course portrait photography. You will think about the things that make you special and how you can capture this in a unique portrait. You will take pictures of each other in small groups: everyone is both photographer as model. All the results will be presented on a big screen and jointly discussed.

Learning goals

  • Consciously looking at photography
  • Gain knowledge about photography terminology and picture elements
  • Discovering what makes a portrait photo special
  • Experience in what way photography can tell something about yourself
  • Learn to reflect on your own work and that of others

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