Evimde from the series Turunç, 2020 © Solène Gün, courtesy of the Foam Collection

Solène Gün, 2020

Evimde from the series Turunç

Created by Solène Gün in 2020. Using photography printed on transparent fabric as the medium, the artwork is displayed at 250 x 203 cm.

The artwork explores themes such as identity. The image portrays the Paris suburbs.

The series Turunç (Bitter Orange) records the daily lives of young men with a Turkish background in the suburbs of Paris and Berlin. Solène Gün, herself a child of Turkish immigrants and raised in a Parisian suburb, captures the fraternity and strong mutual solidarity that can also go hand in hand with a lack of perspective.

The work is named after an orange commonly found in Turkey. The fruit is a metaphor for the bittersweet existence of a community that is frequently the target of negative stereotyping. Torn between the conflicting urge to hide and the wish to be heard, these men are portrayed faceless. Gün’s focus is on the symbols and gestures through which their identities are expressed, such as a necklace, a prayer rug or the silhouette of a brotherly handshake.

© Solène Gün, courtesy of the Foam Collection

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Evimde from the series Turunç