Portrait of a man standing at an oasis in Morocco, surrounded with palm trees. The photo appears to be damaged by fire sparks.


Seif Kousmate is an autodidactic photographer and visual storyteller based in Morocco, with an imagery that is based on the intersection of documentary photography and poetry of visual art photography. His work explores marginalisation and he worked for several years on projects concerning migration, youth and slavery throughout across Africa.

Kousmate is cofounder of KOZ collective and member of Diversity Photo. He is a National Geographic Explorer since 2018 and was selected as 6x6 Global Talent by World Press Photo in 2020. His work is often exhibited in Europe and Africa and he works with international media such as the The New York Times, M le Monde, The Guardian, El Pais and more. 

from the series WAH'A واحة by Seif Kousmate © Seif Kousmate, courtesy of the artist
Varun Nayar in Foam Magazine #61: Talent

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