Untitled, 2013 © Jack Davison, courtesy of the artist


Jack Davison (UK, 1990) is a London-based portrait and documentary photographer. Since the age of 14, he spent most of his time experimenting with cameras and has continuously photographed those around him.

In his practice, he draws inspiration from the rich history of the medium, ranging from early 20th-century avant-garde experiments to documentary and portrait photography. Yet his practice is very contemporary as well, borrowing practices of Internet communities such as Flickr, which laid the basis for today’s social media culture. Jack Davison was named Foam Talent in 2016.

Jack Davison studied English Literature at the University of Warwick before returning to his passion for photography. As a photographer, he is self-taught.

In 2016, his work was shown at Foam 3h, the museum’s dedicated exhibition space for emerging talent. He works for numerous publications including New York Times Magazine, M Le Monde, Luncheon, Double, W Magazine, Acne Paper & British Vogue. His first monograph Photographs, was published in 2019 by the publisher Loose Joints.
In the following years, he published his second book Song Flowers (2020) and third book Ol Pejeta (2021) in collaboration with Loose Joints.

Duncan Wooldridge in Foam Talent #45: Talent

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Foam Talent 2016

In 2016, Jack Davison was one of the 24 selected artists for Foam Talent, the annual open call for young photographic talent.

The series Personal Work is perhaps not so much of a series as a collection of single images. Each image shows a strong connection to the historical canon of photography: drawing inspiration as broad as from classics like Richard Avedon and Edward Weston to the Flickr community and the Internet in general.

Though mostly consisting of portraits, Personal Work does not allow us to learn much about its subjects. Instead, through this somewhat detached point of view, Davison invites the viewer to come up with their own narrative connections between the images.

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Foam Magazine #45: Talent © Foam Magazine. Cover image by Juno Calypso
Untitled, 2013 © Jack Davison, courtesy of the artist

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