Selfportrait in Delfshaven, Rotterdam. © Florian Braakman


Florian Braakman, a Rotterdam-based photographer, focuses on themes of home and migration. His project "Delfshaven's Finest" captures the spirit of Delfshaven, Rotterdam, highlighting the area's diverse migratory background. Braakman's work, blending documentary and artistic elements, creates a sense of community across borders. His series Broer and In Between Homes further explore these themes. Braakman's approach emphasizes engagement and connection in his photographic practice.

He was selected as one of the twenty artists for Foam Talent 2024-2025.

Installation view of 'Broer' by Florian Braakman in Foam Talent 2024-2025 © Foam. Photo by Christian van der Kooy
— Aya Musa in Foam Magazine #65: Talent

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