Woman, who would be King © Donja Nasseri, courtesy of the artist


Donja Nasseri combines photography, objects, video and language into a “collaged unit”. Nasseri, born in Germany, is a daughter of an Afghan father and an Egyptian-German mother. She experienced both gender- and identity dilemmas in her life and felt torn between her Western and non-Western identity. Changes in tradition, culture and (gender)identity form the conceptual core of Nassari’s oeuvre, which is primarily based on photography as “carrier of memories”.

Nasseri studied art at the Kunstacademie Münster and Kunstacademie Düsseldorf. She participated in multiple exhibitions, for example in Kunsthalle Düsseldorfg, Gocard Gallery in Sweden, Dortmunder U, Kunstmuseum Solingen, amongst many others. Her work is awarded with multiple prizes among the Plat(t)form Fotomuseum Winterthur, Best Group Art Prize, and the British Guernsey Photography Prize. 

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