Cropped image of a black man's arm with visible veins and a red t-shirt in front of a tiled wall.


Ange Frédéric Koffi is a visual artist born in Korhogo, Ivory Coast. His installations are the result of a complex articulation between the history of photography, contemporary postcolonial reflections, and the forms and devices of monstration.

Since 2015, his photographic work has been interested in the notion of displacement and circulation. By raising questions about movement, traveling and wandering, he tries to be a vector for art and beauty, to embody a new vision of the African people and not of a so-called African civilisation.

Koffi was a student at La Sorbonne, La Hause Ecoles des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) and Ecole cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (Ecal). He lives and works between Lausanne and Cape Town. 

Foam Talent 2022: Le Grand Voyage - Version Courte by Ange-Frédéric Koffi © Foam. Photo: Christian van der Kooy
Lydie Diakhaté in Foam Magazine #61: Talent

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