Foam Talks:

Talent Anniversary Edition

Foam is celebrating a special anniversary: Foam Magazine's Talent Issue is turning 15 years old. To put a spotlight on Foam Talents, as well as the people behind Foam Magazine, Foam Talks invited editors Elisa Medde, Katy Hundertmark and Henri Badaröh to host of a mini-series.
Image from the series Neuromantic © Ana Vallejo

Ana Vallejo & Katy Hundertmark

This first episode welcomes Katy Hundertmark, Foam Magazine's assistant editor, and artist Ana Vallejo who was selected as a Foam Talent in 2021 with the series Neuromatic. With a background in biology, Ana's work emerges at the intersection of art and science. Ana is interested in the effects of trauma on emotions and perception. Her projects are research based and invite chance, experimentation and collaboration highlighting the importance of social bonding in marginal spaces.


Projection, from the series Countours © Mark Dorf

Mark Dorf & Elisa Medde

This second episode welcomes Elisa Medde, editor-in-chief, and Mark Dorf who was selected as a Foam Talent in 2017 with his series Transposition. Mark’s practice is influenced by human’s perceptions of and interactions with what we call “Nature”, urbanism, design, and virtual environments. As opposed to seeing these subjects as categorically separate, Dorf reveals their entanglement and integration with one another as an inclusive and lively planetary ecology.


Bananal, 2016 © Alice Quaresma

Alice Quaresma & Henri Badaröh

The final episode welcomes Henri Badaröh, assistant editor, and Alice Quaresma who was selected as a Foam Talent in 2014 with her series Roots. Formally trained as a painter, Alice has been experimenting with materials and media that allow her photographs to be sensorial and playful, pushing the boundaries of photography as a descriptive medium. Using snapshots from her archive and painted geometric designs, she reflects on identity and memory, stimulating the ludic quality in her images.


Concept: Elisa Medde and Amelie Schüle

Production: Nordin Janssen

Mastering & Mixing: Andersen Audio Productions

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from the series Rasmi C Sarker Protick

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