About Pamcore, Fashion Trends and Meta Cringe with Sara Cwynar and Agustina Panzoni 

How do trends influence our ideals of beauty, fashion and style? In this episode of Foam Talks, curator Mirjam Kooiman discusses the rapid succession of (internet) trends, the historical rise of consumerism and commercialisation of images with artist Sara Cwynar and trend forecaster Agustina Panzoni. Together, they dive into the world of Pamcore, metacringe and continuously changing beauty standards.

Tracy in Camo, 2023 © Sara Cwynar.

The episode ends with a ‘Photo Recipe’: a new feature of our podcast where Sara Cwynar shares a photographic instruction based on her practice for all the (aspiring) photographers who are listening. 

Read and see more about her work on our digital platform Foam Explore. 


About the speakers

Sara Cwynar is a New York-based contemporary artist, who seeks to make sense of our current visual culture through photography, essayistic video works, collages, installations and books. In her studio, she collects and documents images and objects to identify the ways that these everyday materials shape our lives as we consume them. In this way, she captures the prevailing ideals and ideologies of an era. 

Agustina Panzoni is a cultural researcher and trend forecaster. She has made a following by uncovering cultural narratives behind trends in the visual, fashion and technology realms through weekly video reports. While she's currently Head of Trends at the media company Death To Stock (DTS), she has also collaborated with brands such as Depop, TED, IG, Lyst and, most recently, Klarna. She also runs a popular TikTok account under the alias @thealgorythm. 


S/S 23

by Sara Cwynar

Discover the rich visual research of contemporary artist Sara Cwynar in her solo exhibition S/S 23 at Foam. In this exhibition, Cwynar critically examines various aspects related to consumer objects, trend cycles and beauty standards through film, photography and collages.

The exhibition is on display until 27 September 2023.

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Western Costume Jacket (Cheerleader), Skirt (Cheerleader) Showgirl (Bra Top, Long Fringe), 2023 © Sara Cwynar, courtesy of the artist

Edit and mixing: Irene Cassarini

Next Level: Sara Cwynar – S/S 23 is made possible by Ammodo, the Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds and Kleurgamma Fine Art Photolab. Foam thanks Stichting Foam Friends and Foam Fund for their generous support.  

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Foam Talks about Pamcore, Fashion Trends and Meta Cringe with Sara Cwynar and Agustina Panzoni