Viviane Sassen
Phosphor: Art & Fashion

Foam is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated return of Dutch artist Viviane Sassen to its museum with her first retrospective, Phosphor: Art & Fashion. The exhibition serves a significant homecoming for Sassen, following her first showcase at Foam in 2008 titled Flamboya.

DNA, from the series "Lexicon", 2007 © Viviane Sassen and Stevenson (Johannesburg / Cape Town / Amsterdam).

About the exhibition

Phosphor: Art & Fashion offers a retrospective journey spanning over thirty years, showcasing the richness of Sassen's multidisciplinary artistic expression, bringing together photography, collage, painting, videowork, and fashion photography.

For Sassen, photography is more than a mere surface: it is a gateway into a place where her dreams, desires and fears co-exist with the world in all its tangible reality. The exhibition brings together her iconic series, including Umbra, Parasomnia, Flamboya and Roxane. Renowned for her adept use of saturated colours, mastery of light and shadow, and distinctive depictions of the human body, Sassen's work is a testament to her artistic prowess. The exhibition offers a unique perspective into her creative process, highlighting her incessant search for innovative photographic forms and emphasizing the profound significance of intimacy in her work.

The exhibition is organised by The MEP - Maison Européenne de la Photographie, in collaboration with Foam. Curator for MEP: Clothilde Morette, Artistic Director.

Self Portrait, 1990 © Viviane Sassen and Stevenson.

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Viviane Sassen
Phosphor: Art & Fashion