Visit to Paul Bogaers' Studio
On Saturday 9 januari, Foam organises a visit to the studio of visual artist Paul Bogaers on the occasion of his exhibition My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

The disparate universe of Paul Bogaers lies in a classroom in a former school building, in the middle of a residential area in central Tilburg. Bogaers loves to surround himself with things that inspire him. His collection is an essential part of his working process, which requires a large reservoir of objects and photos that he can draw upon spontaneously. “When I create I try to play instead of think. That’s why I want my studio to be filled with possibilities.” During the studio visit Paul Bogaers elaborates on his working process and participants are encouraged to ask questions.

After the studio visit you can visit the Textile Museum or Museum De Pont.

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts presents the work of Paul Bogaers which he created in the last five years. During this period, his work has developed from two-dimensional to the three-dimensional domain of assemblage, sculpture and installation, in which photography plays a vital role. With his combinations of both collected and personal photographs, he invites the viewer to discover surprising links. Bogaers makes extensive use of paper-mâché, a material not often embraced by fine artists.

Paul Bogaers (Tilburg, 1961) studied at the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg. He previously had solo exhibitions at Nederlands Fotomuseum (Rotterdam), Museum De Pont (Tilburg) and took part in group exhibitions at Foam, W139 (Amsterdam), De Beyerd (Breda) and FoMu (Antwerp). Paul Bogaers has published several books, including the photography book Upset Down (2010) and the literary book Onderlangs (2007). Paul Bogaers is represented by Galerie Pennings in Eindhoven.

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Visit to Paul Bogaers' Studio