This is not a Guided Tour
Especially for Foam and the Magnum Contact Sheets exhibition, the talented Amsterdam producer Simon Weiss (aka Isaie Reuling) made an audio experience, which leads you through the exhibition.

Magnum Contact Sheets shows the magic surrounding the all-encompassing ‘decisive moment’ and how iconic images come to exist. It offers insight into the working methods of the world’s most famed journalistic photographers by looking at their original contact sheets.

Especially for Foam and the Magnum Contact Sheets exhibition, the talented Amsterdam producer Simon Weiss produced 25 new track combining samples of speeches from iconic moments in world history, abstract soundwaves and musical repertoires. Not affected by hits and hypes, Simon Weiss’ sound is the perfect blend between the old and the new, between the US and Europe.

With special thanks to Voyage Direct and Voyage Select

Important: You need a smartphone to follow the music audio experience. Headphones are available at the front desk or you can bring your own. Selected photographs have an accompanying audio track indicated by the sticker below the work.

  1. Download the SoundCloud app on your smartphone (available for iPhone, iPad and Android)
  2. Follow Foam Amsterdam by going to the search tool and type ‘Foam Amsterdam’
  3. Play the playlist This is not a Guided Tour - Simon Weiss (Isaie Reuling) and follow the route from no. 0 to 24 in the exhibition. The playlist contains an intro and 24 tracks, each meant for one of the selected photographs from Magnum Contact Sheets.

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This is not a Guided Tour was initially presented as part of ADE Playground. The Playground is a unique, dance-related lifestyle program offering five days of film screenings, music hardware presentations, art shows and exhibitions, exclusive fashion offers, interactive talk shows, promotional activities and pop-up musical performances at 25 creative hotspots around the city, including roof-top terraces, clothing shops, and art galleries, as well as outdoor exhibitions and cinemas.

More information and programme: ADE playground 2015

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This is not a Guided Tour