The Man Who Saw Too Much
The career of Mexican photographer Enrique Metinides (Mexico City, 1934) took an important turn after his retirement.

The fact that his photographs were exhibited by a number of important American and European art galleries in 2003, among which the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, has played an important role in his grown fame.

Such an impressive series of achievements appears even more remarkable considering that Metinides is not an artist but a humble photojournalist who spent his life working for Mexican tabloids and newspapers. Metinides started his career roaming the streets of Mexico City in search of accidents and crime scenes when he was just 9 years old. His passion for cinema shaped his way of seeing and his extraordinary eye turned the tragedies he captured into unsettlingly beautiful images of life and death.

In the documentary The Man Who Saw Too Much, Metinides talks candidly about his life and career, exploitation and censorship, reflecting on what it means to spend one’s life documenting death. Through his words and through intimate interviews with family members, curators, collectors and colleagues, The Man Who Saw Too Much reveals the internal struggle of a man obsessively searching for glimpses of humanity and beauty in tragedy. Prior to the screening, Foam curator Mirjam Kooiman will elaborate on Metidines’ work.

[Trisha Ziff | Mexico | 2015 | 89' | in Spanish with English subtitles | Dutch premiere]

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The Man Who Saw Too Much