Speak Out / Mirjam Kooiman
Take a guided tour through the exhibition Helmut Newton – A Retrospective at Foam with curator Mirjam Kooiman.

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12 August: Carlijn Jacobs, fashion photographer
19 August: Lennart Booij, curator Applied Arts & Design at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
26 August: Olga Kortz, editor-in-chief i-D Netherlands
2 September: Mirjam Kooiman, curator at Foam 

This activity is only available in Dutch.

Women are central in Helmut Newton´s highly versatile oeuvre. Newton adored women, especially powerful, sensual and seductive women. At the same time Newton´s women have something cold, distant and detached about them. They are sometimes more stylized objects than beings made of flesh and blood. It is this mise-en-scene in which Newton puts his subjects that often creates an ambiguous story.

His particular fascination for women, the imagination of women as a dominant force that is both attractive and frightening, and the complex psychological power play around gender relations are reminiscent of the obsessive way certain surrealist artists such as Hans Bellmer and Salvador Dalí approached the subject.

The tour with Mirjam Kooiman delves deeper into the way women are portrayed in surrealism, the place they occupy in the work of certain surrealist artists and the often complex meanings of eroticism, sexuality, power, violence and voyeurism within the oeuvre of Helmut Newton.

Mirjam Kooiman (b. 1990, NL) is a curator at Foam, where she has worked on shows including Helmut Newton: A Retrospective, Magnum Contact Sheets as well as the traveling Foam Talent 2015 exhibition. She holds a BA in Art History and a MA in Museum Curation from the University of Amsterdam, with a special interest in postcolonial approaches in the arts and museum studies. She previously served as a curator in training at the photography collection of Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum.

The guided tour Speak out takes place on Friday evenings and starts at 19.00 at Foam. Reservation is required for participation. The tours will be given in Dutch and there are 20 spots available per tour. Cost: € 7,- (admission excluded).

The exhibition is organised in close collaboration with the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin.

Helmut Newton - A Retrospective is made possible with support of Main Sponsor Wolford, Lead Benefactor Fonds 21 and Project Partners Helmut Newton Foundation, Spaces and VSBfonds.

Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, City of Amsterdam, Delta Lloyd, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.

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Speak Out / Mirjam Kooiman