Speak out / Lennart Booij
Take a guided tour through the exhibition <a href="/museum/programme/helmut-newton" target="_blank">Helmut Newton</a> - <a href="/museum/programme/helmut-newton" target="_blank">A Retrospective</a> at Foam with Stedelijk Museum curator Lennart Booij.

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12 August: Carlijn Jacobs, fashion photographer
19 August: Lennart Booij, curator Applied Arts & Design at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
26 August: Olga Kortz, editor-in-chief i-D Netherlands
2 September: Mirjam Kooiman, curator at Foam 

This activity is only available in Dutch.

Helmut Newton is best described as the fashion photography pioneer. The core of Helmut Newton's work lies in his commercial work, the work he did for magazines and commercial clients. He was able to produce work according to his own vision. He navigated between free and commissioned work with apparent ease, blurring the line between genres such as portrait photography, fashion photography and nude photography.

Newton’s work is certainly a direct result of socio-political changes in the sixties and seventies: shifting power relations, emerging emancipation and a much freer sexual morality. For the 1981 Haute Couture edition of Vogue France, Newton decided to shoot  four women, dressed in haute couture, and in the same pose, naked. These pictures were not intended to seduce men, but these pictures showed us that powerful, independent women are as powerful in haute couture as naked.

The core of Helmut Newton's work lies in his commercial work, the work he did for luxury fashion brands and magazines who wanted to sell their products. Why did these brands leave room for Newton’s creations? They took a huge risk. Lennart Booij, curator applied arts & design at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is taking you along for a closer look at the work within the context of the controversies. During Booij’s tour he will talk about the role Newton played in creating an image around everyday objects and fashion.

The guided tour Speak out takes place on Friday evenings and starts at 19.00 at Foam. Reservation is required for participation. The tours will be given in Dutch and there are 20 spots available per tour. Costs € 7,- (admission excluded).

Previously Lennart Booij (1970) was TV presenter, campaign strategist at the Partij van de Arbeid, debate leader and one of the three directors of the Amsterdam Campaign Office BKB. This year, Booij was appointed as Curator of Applied Art and Design at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. This includes around 50.000 objects, which he and two other curators are looking after.

The exhibition is organised in close collaboration with the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin.

Helmut Newton - A Retrospective is made possible with support of Main Sponsor Wolford, Lead Benefactor Fonds 21 and Project Partners Helmut Newton Foundation, Spaces and VSBfonds.

Foam is supported by the BankGiro Loterij, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, City of Amsterdam, Delta Lloyd, Olympus and the VandenEnde Foundation.

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Speak out / Lennart Booij