Sofia Borges: Film premiere of The Fossil, the Eye and the Fire
On 8 September, Foam invites artist Sofia Borges to premiere her new film The Fossil, the Eye and the Fire. The livestream will feature the screening of the film, followed by a Q&A with the artist.

On the occasion of her presentation in , Foam invites Sofia Borges to produce a special performance. For the first time in her artistic practice, she used the opportunity to explore the medium of cinematography. With the surprising film piece The Fossil, the Eye and the Fire, she invites the viewer to step into the artist's mind and enter another dimension of her creative process. Taking us through the emblematic scenes of her studio practice, she guides the viewer into her own riddle of how impossible it is to understand matter / the material world through representation.

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about Sofia Borges

Sofia Borges is a conceptual artist who has used the photographic medium for over a decade to study philosophical notions on the relationship between matter and meaning. Using collage, performance, fire, and layers of pigments, Borges creates images that are so strange that they seem unreal and are often misunderstood as images that have been designed or manipulated using software. Nothing could be further from Borges’ work than this false perception. The radically odd aesthetic of her 'traditional photographs' comes from the fact that she builds or seeks complex photographic scenarios that are either born from something that exists or from something that is constructed, performed or created and then photographed.

Sofia Borges (1984, Ribeirão Preto) lives and works between São Paulo and Paris. She had a solo exhibition at Foam in 2016 titled and is currently part of the exhibition .

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Sofia Borges: Film premiere of The Fossil, the Eye and the Fire