Queer Amsterdam 2024:
Herbal Care workshop with Garden of Queerdom

Join us for a workshop in collaboration with Garden of Queerdom during Queer Amsterdam 2024. Drawing inspiration from the exhibition Young Human by ShuShu Sieberns, we’ll dive into healing methods and traditions surrounding mourning and its manifestations as we explore the layered landscape of queer grief and the profound healing journey it entails.

About the workshop

We will start the workshop with an introductory tour through the exhibition Young Human, which will include a poetry reading by artist ShuShu Sieberns offering her reflections on queer grief. During the workshop, you will be guided by Garden of Queerdom, making personalized herbal care balms for tending to your own experience of grief. Together, we discover the depths of healing methods and traditions, examine how they intersect with Western traditions, and offer avenues for healing and reclaiming identity. 

Together we will be exploring the multifaceted nature of queer grief through guided discussions and interactive activities, fostering understanding and connection within the LGBTQ+ community. 

Garden of queerdom, 2024 © Mandy van Pelt.

About Garden of Queerdom

Garden of Queerdom (GOQ) is a queer community care initiative that centres on collective forms of care over individualized. GOQ works with handpicked local herbs from The Netherlands and implements those into workshops, community events and herbal walks. Herbal care offers accessible and sovereign ways to support communities and foster a connection to the earth. GOQ brings a queer perspective on care that centres on the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

Garden of queerdom, 2024 © Mandy van Pelt.

The exhibition Foam 3h: ShuShu Sieberns - Young Human is made possible by DLA Piper, the Van Bijlevelt Foundation and the Mondriaan Fund.